Dunerunner has been working hard to promote the joys and health benefits of Off-Road Running & the Great Outdoors through our wonderful and highly friendly events - such as the almost famous 'Nelson Knee-knobbler' // 'The Raggit-Round Repps XC' // Fido's Forest Frenzy Canicross Race //  - all of which take place across wonderful off-road trails & beaches.

With this this in mind, in the summer of 2016 we decided that we would like too make this a little bit more of a staple in the day to day life of likeminded people who enjoy partaking in the same activities that we do, and as a consequence - Team Dunerunner was born!

Therefore we would love to invite you to Join our 'Dunerunner Tribe' and have the ability to train, enter races, get outside more and quite simply join in the fun as a member of 'Team Dunerunner..!'


(Picture courtesy of Mark Hewlett Photography)

Dunerunner has now well over 100 members since our creation and has affiliated with A.R.C - the Association of Running Clubs in the UK. This is your opportunity to register with us, reap all the benefits of being a member of our Team, and to be proud to register at events as being part of 'Team Dunerunner!'

Not only can you register as 'Team Dunerunner' at events, but you'll also be entitled to all of the following perks which we feel are worth joining alone!

  • Become a member of a 'friendly Tribe' of 'Off-Road Runners' & 'Outdoor Lovers'

  • Gain 'Team' benefits by association to A.R.C (Association of Running Clubs)

  • Be proud to train and attend races in your custom 'Team Dunerunner' shirt (free with membership)

  • Attend our 'Social Runs' which will be held at various venues each session, plus they will always end at a pub for a social drink afterwards!

  • Have access to 'Exclusive Team Member' savings on all products on the Dunerunner Online Store - Always..!

    • Dunerunner Clothing and Accessories, TORQ Nutrition, GORE Running Clothing, Dryrobe, Exposure Head Torches

  • Discounted entry to all Dunerunner events

  • Have the ability to also wear the shirt of our Canicross Team - 'TEAM DUNEDAWG' (click here for Team Dunedawg)


Our aim is not to to be as formal as some organisations can be, I guess that's why we love to run off-road & outdoors,  but to be free of all the things that interfere with a clean mind - or to clear our minds!  This is why we're known as a 'Tribe' - to promote a sense of 'community' and belonging but without the formalisations that organisations can, or feel they need to bring.

Our aim is to be a fun, social bunch who just love running in the free and mind expanding elements of the great outdoors!

Anyone is welcome to join, even if you're not local to the Norfolk area and aren't always around to attend our social runs - we'd love you to join and feel part of our running community - WE ARE EXPANDING TO OTHER AREAS - SO WATCH THIS SPACE..!

As we are also a bunch of dog lovers - we would also like to encourage all of you who love to run with your best pals..! So, anyone wishing to join as Canicrossers are also highly welcome to join us as TEAM DUNEDAWG

If you would like to join our 'Dunerunner Tribe' and be proud to train and race as 'Team Dunerunner' - then please click the link below and we will do the rest:

If you're not local to us to join in the social runs - then join us anyway, reap the benefits and let us know what you're up to via our Social Media channels: Twitter - DunerunnerRaces // Facebook - Dunerunner Races


 Membership is £40 per year - includes the coveted Team Dunerunner shirt (free), Affiliation to A.R.C and access to discounted race entries, products and of course our famous 'Social Runs'.