Dunerunner 'Sandstorm' Eye Protection - 100% Recycled


Dunerunner 'Sandstorm' Eye Protection - 100% Recycled

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Dunerunner ‘Sandstorm’ Eye Protection - Eco-100% Recycled

This is a very exciting collaboration between Dunerunner and Moonshine Eyewear!

100% Recycled, Second-Life Plastic

For ReMix 2.0, they took a close look at every aspect of their original model - the ReMix.

With an eye on improving sports performance they have tweaked virtually every component to offer exceptional clarity, strength, protection and style.

They took a view that if a particular style is popular then let's offer that style - and now the ReMix is available as a unique and limited edition collaboration between themselves and Dunerunner in the creation of the ‘Dunerunner ‘Sandstorm’

Using only sec♻️ndlife plastics, Moonshine have created something that is comfortingly familiar, yet progressive and conscious in its construction, and Dunerunner are proud to have an association with the awesome Moonshine Eyewear!

  • Pro Model

  • Bomb proof construction

  • Polarised HD lenses

  • Eco ink Moonshine logo

  • Sec♻️ndlife plastic construction


About Moonshine eyewear

Moonshine Eyewear was brought to life through founders, Dave and Jo Hughes' love of the mountains, outdoors and oceans.

As ex-snowsports instructors and seasoned skiers/ snowboarders/ skaters, paddlers and outdoor lovers, they have spent decades of thier lives in the outdoors, being bombarded by the sun's glare. During the summer months they spend most of their time on or around the ocean receiving the same treatment from the sun.

They launched Moonshine after spending years researching and honing thier skills to produce high quality eyewear that isn't about big budget advertising, mass production or vast profits at the environments expense. 

They quite simply love sunglasses - but they also care about our planet and keeping it in a fit state for future generations!

They decided early on in the planning of Moonshine that they would only produce sustainable sunglasses from natural, or recycled materials. With that in mind they begun the production process of the ‘Second Life ‘plastic range!

100% and entirely constructed from ‘second use’ recycled plastic, not a scrap of new plastic is created by them in the making of either their sunglasses or packaging.

Pure, Refined, Distilled design.

That's Moonshine!